Alfa Stone Oven MEDIUM Gas/Wood Hybrid Pizza Oven - FXSTONE-M Alfa Stone Oven MEDIUM Gas/Wood Hybrid Pizza Oven - FXSTONE-M
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Alfa 2 PIZZE Oven MEDIUM Gas/Wood Hybrid Pizza Oven (39.4 inch) - FXCL-2P-GGRA-U

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Product Description

Alfa 2 PIZZE Oven MEDIUM Gas/Wood Hybrid Pizza Oven (39.4 inch) - FXCL-2P-GGRA-U

Made in Italy since 1977








The 2 Pizze oven from Alfa’s Futuro line stands out for its folded and entirely hand-crafted stainless steel arch that blends perfectly with the design of contemporary outdoor kitchens.

It reaches up to 500 °C in 30 minutes and cooks up to 2 pizzas in just 90 seconds.

The large glass door that characterizes the oven will help you keep an eye on the dishes you are cooking.

The Forno Futuro 2 Pizze oven is available with gas fuel supply, but you can choose to double your culinary possibilities by transforming it into a hybrid oven thanks to the Hybrid kit


In fact, with Hybrid kityou can transform your gas oven into a wood-burning oven and enjoy the delicate aroma that wood cooking gives to bread and roasts, or you can opt to use gas for more practical cooking of pizzas, desserts and vegetables.

Its large and semi-professional cooking chamber is ideal for organizing parties in the garden, managing to get everyone to eat in a short time.


The researchers from the Alfa R&D team have developed the innovative Heat Genius™ technology to allow you to enjoy pizzas at home that are just as good as those made by your favourite restaurant.

Thanks to the Heat Genius™ intelligence, the toppings of your pizzas will cook at one temperature and the dough at another, the result being that each pizza will be consistently fragrant, tasty and well cooked.

Inside Alfa Heat Genius™ ovens, the heat is slowly released from the refractory stone and radiated evenly through the oven’s curved walls.

This allows the condiments to cook faster, releasing some of their moisture, and the dough to become crunchy without burning, thus achieving a perfect balance.

As with all Alfa ovens, the 2 Pizze from the Futuro line are also made with the innovative Alfa Heat Genius ™ technology that allows you to churn out a real Neapolitan pizza that is consistently well cooked, with reduced consumption in the comfort of your own garden.

Making pizzas has never been easier: prepare the dough, use the toppings of your choice and the ALFA ovens Heat Genius™ technology will cook them to perfection every time!


Alfa Heat Genius™ Technology Trio

Futuro Oven 2 pizzas - Oven for domestic use | Alfaforni

1 HeatKeeper™ refractory brick

Hand crafted in Italy in the Alfa factory, the Heat Keeper™ brick absorbs and stores heat much better than lava stone or ceramic used in other home pizza ovens.

Thanks to the HeatKeeper™ refractory brick, the base of Alfa ovens can quickly cook your pizzas making them soft and crunchy at the right point.

Futuro Oven 2 pizzas - Oven for domestic use | Alfaforni

2 DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® Insulation

The brick is made of a particular ceramic fibre that offers double heat resistance compared to that provided by rock wool that is normally used in home pizza ovens.

The DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® guarantees excellent temperature retention during cooking, prevents the side surfaces from heating up too much and allows you to churn out well-cooked pizzas with minimal use of fuel.

Futuro Oven 2 pizzas - Oven for domestic use | Alfaforni

3 Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System® patented system

Thanks to the Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®, the hot air circulates in the cooking chamber and is pushed downwards so as to better heat the refractory brick and cook the pizza to perfection.

The “around and down” pushed heat ensures that the oven consistently maintains the right temperature so as to cook both the base and the toppings of your pizza perfectly.






Number of pizzas:



Batch of bread:

2 (4,4 lbs)


Number of people:

8 to 18


Color:  Copper



overall width 39.4 in 

overall height 48.5 in

overall  depth 29.6 in

Weight - 276 lbs

Oven floor area -3 ft2

Oven floor dim. - 27.6 IN W x 15.7 IN D

Heating time (min) - 15

Pizza capacity - 2

Bread capacity - 4.4 lbs

Max oven temperature - 1000°F

Used material - iron sheet. stainless steel. ceramic fiber

Type of refractory - Alumina silicate bricks

Heat capacity - 70,000 Btu/h

G30 / G31 operation - 20 mbar

Maximum consumption - 1.43 m3/h






The Alfa Multi-functional base for pizza is a table that makes for maximum versatility for Setting up an outdoor kitchen on wheels and to get the best out of your garden oven. Here are its main features:

  • All-round flexibility to install an outdoor cooking station.
  • It comes with 4 swivel castors with brakes.
  • Made of high-resistance stainless steel with no sharp edges.
  • It is equipped with a large compartment to stack firewood or to place gas cylinders to have them always at the ready.
  • It includes many serviceable accessories such as a peel holder, a handle to move it around, a bottle opener and some hooks to hang tools like tea towels or oven mitts.


The world’s most versatile oven now has a cooking station to compli- ment it. A multi-functional table that provides an area for preparation and cooking. It is designed for convenience as well as aesthetics. High quality details provide you with a premium surface you need to prepare your meals!


304 stainless steel 2mm working top • Peel Holder
• Bottle Opener
• 3 stainless steel hooks for tools 

• Aluminum black handle 

• 4 Professional wheels with 2 brakes 



Available in three sizes: 

40”W x 35.2”H x 31.5”D 1,349 (does not have bottle opener or hooks )


51”W x 35.2”H x 35.4”D 1,599 


63”W x 35.2”H x 35.4”D 2,199 






Fuel: Hybrid– gas/wood 


The Alfa Kit Hybrid is the solution to get a hybrid oven, doubling your cooking possibilities as you choose the best of two fuels.

Its main features are:

  • Allows you to use your gas-fired oven fueled by firewood.
  • Compatible with Alfa Brioand Stone Ovens and gas-burning models.
  • Can withstand very high temperature (over 2000°F).
  • Made of AISI 441 stainless steel.
  • It consists of two components: burner lid and wood holder.



WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. 

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